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Moving on from Anderson, maybe, in part, eventually

My wife would like me to stop using f-bombs and maybe cut back on how often I’m saying “cock” and “ass.” I was going to plug her law firm and then she reviewed that last entry and was like, “Nah, plug my competitors.”

So here we go, if you need a personal injury professional to represent you in court, get in touch with these lawyers in Gulfport, MS, they seem to care about their clients in a way that is not smarmy and gross! That’s hard to find, trust me, I have to go to lots of legal mixers and dinners and stuff.

Ok. Now that we’ve done that part. Let’s get into it in the comments about which movies you’d like to see reviewed. I’m include to stick to my ALL TIME FAVORITES and THOSE I HATE PASSIONATELY because they’re way more fun to write about than the middle few. But if you have some you feel strongly about, list them below and we’ll get to them ok?

Thanks for sticking with me guys! Let’s get down to it then!