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How are these things weighed?

I want the weight of these things to be fairly straight-forward.

  • Profit counts as 1 because, while important, it really doesn’t tell us much about the value or quality of the thing. Lots and lots of empirically shitty movies (TITANIC) have had wildly high profits. It lets us know that people saw it, it doesn’t let us know if they liked it.
  • Critical reception counts as 3 because film critics are wise wise writers whose opinions I mostly respect. Not every film critic is Roger Ebert, but Roger Ebert was a film critic, so I respect the profession and what these writers are able to do under the guise of reviewing films. I also believe that critical reception gives us a better idea of the quality of the movie – or at least its ability to be moving to the audience.
  • Audience reception counts as 1 because I’m a selfish selfish man who doesn’t give a shit what other audience members thought about movies that I love or hate. Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo scored 52% audience – meaning more than HALF THE PEOPLE WHO SAW IT REVIEWED IT POSITIVELY. And Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo (the sequel) scored 33% meaning that MORE THAN A QUARTER OF THE PEOPLE WHO SAW IT REVIEWED IT POSITIVELY. See! Hell is other people(‘s opinions about shitty movies).
  • I still don’t know what to do about awards, discuss in the comments PLEASE.
  • Genre gets no ranking.
  • Star Power gets no ranking.
  • And finally, my opinion counts as 2 because it’s my blog so I matter more than general audiences but I’m not professional film critic so I matter less than critical reception in general.